How do you develop a drawing style? – How To Paint Sand Acrylic

How do you go from first sketch to finished painting? How do you get into that?

I guess I didn’t really get into developing a style until I got to high school. When I was in high school, I worked on a lot of my sketches in the studio. You don’t really get a full sense of how it came about until you get your hand in that paint, and you see how that came into being and how it looks.

And then when you finish and you’re ready to paint, what is your process now?

The following is from an email that I sent yesterday, titled “Why does every state allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use?” (You can read more about the book there.)

Dear Tom, I read your book this week and I wanted to add a bit. I am a huge supporter of the Marijuana Tax Fund and my heart goes out to those who are in need. What I don’t understand, however, is the absurdity of most states allowing the sale of marijuana for recreational use. It doesn’t make sense to me. I understand how people who are high are having fun and getting wasted, but for someone to take the next step, and decide to get high, shouldn’t be a crime. And I am not some libertarian rightie or otherwise libertarian. I am no “snowflake” either, however I just can’t understand people who think having a drink at a club or a party isn’t part of the “normal” life of having legal access to marijuana. If you are one of the people who will soon start saying “oh, you’re not an angry anti-marijuana activist I am sorry, but your right to drink alcohol and drive is being threatened”, I urge you to start a non-profit and donate your time and money to help people who are in pain.

Some comments:

You have some explaining to do. For the vast majority of people I know who are in pain, if you take it seriously, it isn’t worth the trouble. I don’t want to pretend that it’s a matter of your right to do something. It is. I don’t want to give you license to think that all pot smokers are like I am. That is my opinion, however. Many things happen to me and others who are in pain, but I don’t think that every case like mine is one of right versus wrong. Not even a little. There are many people who are more vulnerable to the pain of losing the use

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