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At The Art Studio, we don’t think that art classes should be a requirement for your art education. You’ll get excellent instruction right from the start in order to teach you to draw, paint and color. Our class is geared toward kids, and kids are not necessarily limited to age. Our art classes are fun. Kids love to be challenged and encouraged. We take pride in our teaching and our quality of instruction. Our classes are held every Thursday from 1-4pm.

We take very seriously the importance of a strong study routine and the practice of drawing and painting. We also believe that learning how to paint should be fun and enjoyable!

How Do We Get There?

From San Francisco, California, we provide the art space with an amazing dining space with fresh foods and a large selection of imported wine on tap. As a family owned business, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and provide our students with the opportunity to receive the support and instruction they need to complete their studies and become more creative artists.

We encourage our clients to bring their own brushes, paints and accessories because we understand that sometimes we students will want to paint on the back patio of our shop.

The Best Fun, Free, (and Safe) Online Art Lessons for Kids ...
How Much Do We Charge?

Costs vary, but a one-week class is $110. Please call ahead to make sure you need help paying. We are a family owned business, so we know that your art knowledge is key to becoming successful in school and in work.

Please email us to schedule your next art class anytime!

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