How do online art classes work? – Art Lessons For Kids

Most online art classes are designed to give you a quick overview by showing you some images and an audio file or two. Some also provide videos and a tutorial. If you’re new to the field, you’re probably just using it as an excuse to take photographs of your creations and share them.

Some art classes also include a question/response format — what do you want to see done and why? It gives you a chance to really dig in with some hands-on experience of how the process works, and what it takes for each stage of the production to happen. You’ll also have an opportunity to network with fellow artists and photographers who have a similar interest.

If you’re looking for a more traditional class, many of them offer full day, two- or three-day courses at no additional cost. You’ll learn how to manage production, learn how to edit and create posters, and even get some hands-on experience working with professional light photographers in a studio environment. Some offer classes of their own.

The difference between these classes and regular photography classes? They typically cover the fundamentals while also giving you the opportunity to learn a little more about the art itself through hands-on experience. Most of the time, these classes don’t require professional equipment or props — they’re all just basic equipment you find on a production set.

How do I buy courses?

There are multiple sources to buy online classroom courses. Check out our complete list and see which ones are most suitable for you!

For beginners and long-time art professionals looking for easy access to art classes that are all about photo-editing, Photoshop and graphic design, we have a few resources of our own.

We’re also proud to offer over 200 photography online classes. They range from beginner classes (for novices) to advanced classes (for artists or pros).

What if my art class doesn’t fit the theme I want or need?

You can always add your own art class to our gallery of photography online classes.

Paint Along with Larry Hamilton - Dec-18-2013 - Oil ...

If your course doesn’t fit the theme, you can create your own class that fits the theme you are looking to include in your art class. You’ll learn how to put together a class by watching our beginner photo tutorial videos, or by searching in our gallery of art classes.

If you want a full, four- or six- hour online photography class with lots of fun and lots of photos, get a course with our beginner photo tutorial course

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