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By seeing a gallery of pictures of a painted picture. Painting is like a puzzle. The more you practice, the more you get. You can’t learn to paint from the “beginner” perspective. It’s too hard, too abstract, too specific, too long. It has to be an art. It’s not about how to “get ready” to paint. It’s about understanding the art and the process of building something you love.

So the problem for most people when learning paint is not knowing which painting class to take. It’s more practical to start learning the basics first, then move on to the more advanced. For example, painting as a kid is so easy it’s really shocking that so much paint is used. But when they learn the basics of painting from art galleries (painting in particular), they start to realize how important that art is.

Now that I’ve taken the time to do a basic overview for this blog, it’s clear that there are a lot of people I should be mentioning but I can’t get a chance, as I’m going to go into a more personal angle on a big project at this point and it’s hard to explain and I want to stay on topic. You’re welcome to check out the painting piece from this post if that’s something you like. And here’s this one. It was fun to see what kind of people are into learning paint by making things.

I recently got to play with a new paint-by-number program called Pusher that’s designed to give you easy access to many different painting program interfaces from a single place. Here’s the tutorial I’ve written about it as well. But this program also helps you make things, so I want to go deeper into that. For now, here’s my tutorial about using Pusher’s paint programs.

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