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In addition to the art galleries and museums where you can learn to paint, there are many self-help books and online resources where you can learn more about what a good artist actually uses the art for. It is also possible to learn to read drawing books that you can print out out for yourself.

A lot of people go through the training process on a whim without really wanting to be a painter. Instead, try to find something that interests you and that you can continue to paint as an intermediate skill.

What’s your favorite painting? How do you pick it?

This question can be a hard one to answer because there are so many great paintings. But I always find that I am drawn to a few paintings that have been done before or that are new and exciting.

(This interview originally appeared in Wired Japan in March 2012.)

On January 6, a Japanese newspaper, Shukan Jitsuwa, revealed that Hiroshi Kitagawa had left Apple as co-CEO. Kitagawa stepped aside when a restructuring was underway to make way for Steve Jobs, with whom he would work on Apple’s new iPad. (Konami, the developer of the Metal engine for Metal, now has a majority stake in the company that produces the Metal API.)

Now, Kitagawa’s successor, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has told Reuters, “I don’t know if Apple hired me or had the idea.”

That may be the case, but this is a big deal, so I wanted to talk to the person behind the Metal engine.
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I talked to Kitagawa, who lives in Tokyo, but I spoke on the phone. We talked mostly in Japanese.

(You only get to hear Kitagawa’s response on the call, but if you missed his story on his departure from Apple, it can be found here.)

I’m glad Kitagawa’s not being quoted out of context. My goal was to start with what he told us.

In a nutshell, the reason he left Apple was in relation to a decision on the Metal engine. If Apple had wanted to focus on the Metal API, that would have been his job as the Metal team lead, he told me. “I think we will develop a new Metal engine soon,” he said.

But, that decision to focus on the Metal API has been the catalyst that led to his departure today.

What is that engine? It is the engine within

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