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Most students want to use their school, but some kids have a tough time with homework, making school assignments, and other assignments, and they can’t even attend class. This means that some people may not be able to use school resources or technology at the classroom.

What resources do you offer?

We offer:

– The New Kids in School Network is a free online educational webcast from 8:30-9:30 a.m. CT on each Tuesday and Thursday to 4:30-6:30 p.m. CT on Thursdays, 8 a,m. to 8 p.m. CT Saturday, and 8 a,m. to 5 p.m. CT on Sundays.

– A Free Online Classroom provides you with a digital classroom with instructional software and digital content that works as a single site. Learn to draw with our free class in the classroom.

These webcasts are available through:

– U.S. Department of Education:

– U.S. Department of Education:

– U.S. Department of Education:

Why have I not found your resources on my computer or the Internet?

Some sites and services take time to load, so not all people will see the webcasts. The webcasts can be temporarily disabled by the provider to ensure the best educational technology available in a location.

For more information about accessibility, please review the Office for Accessible Technology (OAT), an independent federal agency dedicated to making the educational systems as accessible as possible.

Is the New Kids in School Network part of edX?

No. We are separate from edX and offer free and reduced-cost webcasts, but some of our offerings may be tied into our course offerings. To learn about your course offerings, call or email us.

Do classes cost money?

We do not charge tuition fees. Our Webcast Free Trial and the class fees charged by individual instructors are a way to show support for the education process. If you are interested in using our technology to develop your online learning, please let us know.

Do you offer classes online for free or reduce the cost?

We offer a variety of course offerings throughout the year. Our free Webcast is a free option (no registration, no fees, no enrollment fees,

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