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If it’s not a real student and it’s not an academic course, try looking for a course that is open to the public. There are plenty of free online classes to take on the web, such as the “Garden of Eden Tree School,” though some of them are required by law and may not meet your academic standards. The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers free online courses through its College of Forestry and Natural Resources.
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Why would I need to buy textbooks when I can just download them? Many textbook publishers don’t want students to buy books, and for good reason — it requires an enormous purchase upfront and doesn’t leave enough room for sales. You can download a free student copy of nearly everything on the market. You’ll then need to pay in the future to buy a new textbook when you are ready to graduate from college.

I’m a huge supporter of women in tech, but I have one small complaint. Why won’t men in tech listen?

In my career as a tech journalist, I’ve made a habit of having to answer questions from female readers and clients every day. What it takes to get a question right is not an exact science, but in this case something a little more intuitive: if you want to create a world where women can do well at work, you have to listen. If you don’t, women lose.

We have to start by listening to what our female readers want. And we have to listen before anyone else does, by ensuring that we are as prepared to explain ourselves as possible.

Over the past year or so, I’ve had numerous conversations with more than one prominent man (in tech or media) who seems genuinely surprised that he has been so resistant to women in technology. He will make eye contact, he will smile slightly, he will occasionally raise his eyebrows. Sometimes he may even say something that makes me cringe, such as, “Well, what can I do as a female to help you achieve your goal, given you don’t have an executive-level position?”

That is not the face you want someone to have every time you speak at a technology conference, or any other venue where you might expect to be addressed by men.

In a conversation with a journalist from the Wall Street Journal who told me she didn’t trust women to be the “first male voice” in Silicon Valley. In a conversation with a fellow tech veteran who told me how women have been “too aggressive and too confrontational” in the tech industry (as

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