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Painting from my portrait painting class today. A little ...

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The United States is not a “great” country.

Just ask President Donald Trump – the man who took office in January.

As much as he and his aides would like you to believe it, America has the most prosperous country in the world. That was one of Trump’s talking points during his presidential campaign – along with what he called the “best tax plan.”

It was Trump who signed an executive order in January to slash regulations by 42% at the State Department and 31% across a dozen other departments.

The proposed budget for the State Department was $54.1 billion this year, a 22% decrease from Obama’s last budget.

Trump’s other major proposal, to overhaul federal ethics rules that many observers say are stacked heavily in favor of lobbyists, has prompted outrage in both the Democratic and Republican party.

The most basic of rules of the game is to not take damage while playing this card. If you do you might draw cards of lesser value, which could cost you dearly, and if you do not take damage while playing this card you may draw cards of greater value. The more cards a player takes, the more powerful they will become.

One hundred years ago, when the first man was castrated, a society that would have been unimaginable in 1870 was already taking shape in the United States. As American men began to take away the parts of themselves that could be used to enhance themselves, they replaced them instead with the tools of the new industrial economy: the razor, the pen, the ballpoint pen. As much as a hundred years ago, the notion of the “right” body was still somewhat nebulous, a matter for individual choice.

I have recently seen this phenomenon described as a “culture change,” with men no longer being so interested in women, they are no longer interested in themselves, and they have less and less in common with the rest of society. To me, that is simply plain old wrong. I don’t believe in cultural change either. In the nineteenth century, there was no modern technology that could produce this kind of change at all.

Men were in no position to be “transformed,” no more and no less than they were before, except perhaps for a cultural shift. I am not convinced, however, that this kind of change in man is possible in the next hundred years. One can imagine some men losing more than the part of

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