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A: I definitely don’t. If I don’t use acrylic, then I just use my normal paint. It’s a matter of taste. If I have it on a regular basis, I’ll probably keep it on for a long time.

Q: What type of brushes do you use?

A: My regular paint brushes are just a regular, everyday, standard, everyday brush from Hakuhodo. As for brushes used in a special sense, these are a brush made by Hakuhodo, so in that sense, these brushes are also made by Hakuhodo.

Q: You’re an actor now, aren’t you?

A: In the TV series, I won’t forget for a long time. But, now that I’m in a acting company, I just have to do my normal everyday.

Q: The new dramas have become popular, isn’t that so?

A: (laugh) In the drama, they’re called “The New Boys”. These are the guys who have been around for a while, and everyone wants to hang out with the New Boys. When I was watching the drama, I was like, “My life is over. Now I’m an actor. I’m going to do an acting debut and the drama is going to become very popular.” The moment was when I was like, “Ahhh!” But, when the show was over, I was like, “It’s all going well. I got invited by everyone. I’m going to get a movie role in that.” I’m really happy about that.

Q: There were lots of rumors about you getting a movie role.

A: There were lots of rumors about me getting a movie role. But the reality is, most of the things are true. I had a part in “Ching Fu”, which is one of the dramas. The part is in the second half that the director wanted to include on the DVD. It was really great. But, before I even got that part, I was just playing the characters in the play in front of other actors. I really liked that. I thought it was a great way to learn acting.

Q: Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about you having your own anime series.

SpringStory_36x36_oil.jpg | Oil pastel landscape, Oil pastel ...
A: I’ll be honest. A lot of people in Japan thought it was a joke at first. But, I think that the anime industry is definitely up for the challenge. They need to

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