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The most commonly used paint is acrylic paint. If you can’t get acrylic paint from the stores, it is much more likely you have already primed your canvas. There are lots of ways to do this. I’ve been asked for tips on how to prime canvases after painting. This post is not for painting instructions, only for learning how to use paint after painting. If you paint, you will notice that you have to prime your canvas as the paint hardens on the surface of the canvas.

Step 1

Lay out your canvas. Start by laying the surface of the canvas out in straight lines. I am not including the side of the canvas as it is not important for this tutorial.

Step 2

Start by laying out your grid pattern over the canvas. This pattern works perfectly fine except it is messy. I find that drawing on the grid helps me to focus more on detail. You are drawing a circle with a square in the square at the center.

Step 3

Take the line and draw through the center of the square. Be sure to add just enough in the square before drawing it out. It would be easier to draw a line and then draw in the square. This makes it much easier to find the right shape to create. Take your line and make it a rectangle. This becomes your fill pattern.

Step 4

Draw the fill pattern to fill the empty area and cut off the rest of the area of your grid pattern to save space. Make sure to cut all around the shape you just created.

Step 5

Take the area of the grid pattern you have cut off and start drawing the lines. Remember to cut around the top and bottom edges of the shape and make sure to cut all around the shape you just created at all angles to reduce the amount of waste.

Step 6

Take your two circles, one square and one circle and turn them into one line. Start by drawing a vertical line from point A to point B and ending at point C. The second line we are going to draw is the left side of the first line.

Step 7

Take the lines you just drew and make them squares. Now take the center square and draw the center line in between the two. This is where the circle we cut off in step 2 comes in handy.

Step 8

Take the two squares you just made, make them a rectangle and draw them to the left side of the rectangle. This is

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