Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Spray Paint Art Classes

If you’re like most artists out there, you’ve tried. So how do you become one without knowing how?

First, you’d better be good at it. That’d be the first thing on a tattoo artist’s to-do list. Once you have a skill, you’d better be comfortable with it; you’d better be more than just a hobbyist and have confidence that you don’t want to take your skill from one style of tattoo to another.

The next step is self education: to find out more about what you already know and the best tattoo techniques. Here I’m really going to dive into more of the advanced areas; some of which aren’t as well known yet, and why you may find more benefit to learning about them, than learning how to be a tattoo artist at school.

1. Learn the Art of Drawing

There’s nothing wrong with simply knowing how to draw. Everyone has a different way, which is why learning will be the biggest difference between you and the average tattoo artist.

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The key to learning to draw is knowing the tools and the medium. This is why learning to draw isn’t a skill that should be taught by people who’ve done it before. Sure you can learn to draw from books or even just from a textbook that tells you how to draw. What you don’t want to do is go to a tattoo shop and spend hours sitting in front of a computer, sitting down and staring at a screen.

If you’re learning to draw and you don’t have some art background, start with a drawing pad. For beginners, it’s great to pick up a sketch pad and start from there. It will help you understand how different ink colors work, and by knowing what they look like, you can get good enough at drawing that you can draw the same color in order to start making a piece.

You can also start drawing with charcoal, but just because you start with a pencil doesn’t change how you draw anything: what matters is if you get better at drawing the same amount of stuff with more or less.

You can also start with sketching, but you’ll better understand how different pencils/pens work if you practice drawing with a ruler, pencils, or markers, so start with a drawing pad and figure out how to draw things.

You can start drawing with clay, but then you end up having to start over again with the same material again. The same thing could happen when you learn to

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