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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mr Trump has accused Mr Clinton of being “lazy and ineffective”

Donald Trump would have more support in a match-up with John Ellis, the former US secretary of labour, in a head-to-head with Hillary Clinton, a BBC study shows.

The survey found 38% would vote for Mr Trump, against 23% for Mrs Clinton.

The other key question was which candidate better represented “the working classes”.

Mrs Clinton won 38% of voters who had worked in the past year, vs 23% for Mr Trump.

Among self-described middle class voters, Mrs Clinton held a one-point lead, compared to Mr Trump’s one-point advantage of one point.

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By John Pienaar, BBC state correspondent

Hillary Clinton holds a narrow advantage in the US Presidential election. She also holds a sizeable lead over Donald Trump among middle class voters, so Mrs Clinton had more than a 20 point lead on the question of who makes better Britain’s Prime Minister.

Now, with two weeks to go it will be interesting to see how the race develops this spring, when both camps will attempt to rally their supporters, build their support and build to a new election.

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In the poll of 1,000 British adults – taken from last summer – people were asked to rate each candidate on a series of traits, before looking to the election on 9 June to decide who gets to be the next PM.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, led Mrs Clinton by four points – 44% to 41%. The Conservative party leader, Theresa May, trailed slightly by three points, on 39%, against Mrs Trump’s 44%.

In contrast, Mr Trump led Mrs May by six points – 35% to 31%.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, trailed by four points on the question of who is better representative of the British working class, and also trailed by one point on the question of who cares more about the economy, 35% and 37%.

The study also found Mr Trump led in the question of who is better able to lead the economy, 32% to 28%.

The two parties are divided on who is the lesser of two evils. Voters in Labour’s inner cities would prefer Mr Corbyn to Mrs May by 45%, while those in Labour’s south-west would back Mrs May by 44%.

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