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You can be a sculptor, you can be an inventor and you can be a painter.”

He added: “You’re a writer. You could be a novelist, composer or musician.

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“You just need to look for another job that is creative.”

His words come after Sir John said he was “embarrassed and disappointed” that the Prime Minister and his ministers continue to take tax breaks for the wealthy instead of tackling the “social injustice” faced by many people.

“In 2010, our first budget, it was an attempt to say: ‘We’ll take the tax breaks for the rich, and the rich will spend all the new money’.

“And that didn’t work out so well. At that point in time, the deficit was a staggering £10bn.”

He also slammed his own party for adopting a “soft Brexit” that will mean people will be able to “go back to work” and leave their children in the care of social care and the NHS.

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Sir John also attacked the Prime Minister’s refusal to guarantee Brexit negotiations would be ‘fair’ at a time when most of the EU leaders have pledged to get a deal done “quickly and easily”.

He said: “When it comes to our negotiations, you will also get a deal that can stand up to pressure and will allow the British people to make up their mind.

“It’s not a problem for us anymore because we’ve had enough of that.”

He said if the UK left the union, it would be more likely to take “further backsliding” rather than stay in the customs union and single market under a “hard Brexit”.

On the issue of how his party would vote, Sir John said: “We’ll be looking very closely at what the outcome of the referendum is and the result of that is very important to us.”

But he added it will “absolutely” be up to the party’s elected representatives to decide whether to remain in the EU.

His comments come after Sir John told the Daily Telegraph in a special edition of The Great British Christmas Party that party members will have to “waste your time and money” voting against the Government once its EU divorce is complete.

The party was launched in May 2016 and has been widely praised for its annual awards which the party say are the only public recognition of the achievements

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