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I have never done art before. Even though my family and friends are all art collectors, I’ve never really picked up a brush or ink bottle. But what I’ve seen in my last two years have been a lot of kids and grown-ups just doing this because they like art, or they want to impress their friends, have a nice time. I think I’ve seen a lot of that growing up.

What’s your favourite kind of art? Is it the artistic art or the physical art? If I know what your answer would be, I’d love to know!

(photo by: Chris Naffziger)

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Mundus Stone Place of Publication Date Discovered 4E 200 (Approx.) Location Black-Briar Meadery


The Mundus Stone is an artifact found near the Black-Briar Meadery.

Mundus Stone [ edit ]

Found in the Black-Briar Meadery.

Use [ edit ]

Conjure a copy of Dagon.

Location [ edit ]

A Mundus Stone can be taken from a copy of Dagon in Kynareth, the temple of Dagon. To activate it, head there in any order. When the Dagon summoning spell is cast, the stone will be turned orange. This will make the Dagon-Mundus Stone glow with blue.

The summoning spell has an additional 10 seconds of duration. This can also be done with any other summoned summons. Alternatively, if the summoning must be done immediately, the Dagon-Mundus Stone can be turned off the next time one enters Kynareth before activating it.

Once this procedure is completed, the stone will be permanently removed. While the Dagon-Mundus Stone remains, if any of those summoned by Dagon are killed, no more Mundus Stones will be allowed to be activated.

This stone is required to do the “Mundus Stone Quest.”

Notes [ edit ]

If you use Dagon’s command to summon a Daedra when you are at least level 5, it will do

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