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I can play pretty well with anyone.

When did you discover your love for music?

I discovered my love for music back when I was 7 or 8 years old. I just started with just doing music, starting doing guitar lessons when I was like 12, 13 years old. In 2005, my dad was at a barber shop doing a trim job, and when he shaved my head for the first time I just sat down to play guitar and I realized that I was really passionate about it.

Do you prefer a traditional electric guitar to an acoustic?

What I really like to do is play really old style, and this is really something my dad and I can do, so I would prefer to have an acoustic rather than a traditional guitar in my playing. There’s a way that you can really get the sound, and be able to play things that I don’t see a ton of people playing with the guitar, and I really like that feeling. So I like to play guitars that are pretty traditional in their tone, and then there’s this other kind of thing like when you’re really jamming, when you’re playing songs together, you’re not really trying to play an acoustic that closely to an electric when you’re playing the same chord progression, you’re just really letting loose. And I always feel like that’s what really makes them interesting and the way I see guitar players is in a way, I try to do that with my playing, where I’m playing that song and saying “I hope you like this one!” and I’m playing it a little bit differently and changing the chord, and I try to get my voice just coming in, when I’m playing the chord progression and when I’m playing it a little bit differently than the guitar player would have.

Where you living now?

I’m pretty much in Vancouver.

What are some of your favourite songs in the DAW you’re using?

There’s a lot out there, it seems like I’m pretty well informed on all the styles. Some really cool tunes that I’ve been listening to and I’m really grateful for are like John Mayer stuff, because I love the chords and the way he plays them and the way he gets the riff back over the top, and the riff sounds so unique and different when he just plays it with his guitar rather than in a computer and is doing a lot of stuff with a mouse. He also just makes it sounds really cool. Then my favorite DAW

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