Can online courses get you a job? – Online Art Lessons For Beginners

I am sure they do. But online education has nothing to do with the job search. It’s a waste of time. It’s about filling in the required blanks on the resume.”

Selling college degrees

And if colleges were selling degrees or training? I know. It happens.

Courses from online education are being sold with an almost religious fervor. But it has to be said that even the most avid students can get by with three to five credits that are just about the same as they would have gotten from a school-provided degree.

I found that to be true not only of my course but of many of the classes offered at online schools, often with similar names.

They are “Certificates,” “Certificates in Writing” and “Certificates in Human Resources Management.” Each of these courses has a minimum level of knowledge and practice.

So if you read these descriptions, which are the same each time you read about a course, and you go to the website of the institution hosting an online degree, you end up being sold a program that is based on a degree only about half the cost of buying it.

“There are people who go to college, take a few classes there, but then they don’t have the skills for their jobs,” said Mr. Lueck of the American Association of University Professors. “And then there are people who become employed after having taken a couple of classes at the college. And some of them are in the middle group.”

And even those who find the work are not necessarily guaranteed success. Those who graduate from a college do not necessarily leave with a degree, Mr. Lueck said. And if the job they get doesn’t match what they expected, they might be unemployed for a year or more. They find jobs online, at least initially in fields such as information technology, where they would be expected to have worked on jobs that did not need a degree.

And, again, that’s assuming a degree can make you a better job candidate. The same is true of vocational degrees such as those offered to college students.

“The real problems with vocational programs come from the fact that it is not just about making people productive workers,” Mr. Lueck said. “It is about their education and their self-esteem. And for the students it is like having some new toys. They are never going to be able to put all of them in one place.”

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