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Not yet. As the online world is so much more crowded (and more expensive), colleges will likely be able to compete for the people who want to take the courses but not get the jobs that come with it.

“It’s not easy for employers to get people who have degrees,” said J.D. Roth, a New York University education expert on online learning. “But with more and more consumers choosing to take online courses, it’s going to be more difficult and more expensive for colleges and universities to keep people in their programs.”

That may make jobs for those people more difficult to find. But it’s the kind of thing that college-educated people are going to want.

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My First Time Teaching English in Japan


As usual, I am back for another installment of the “One More Question”. This will be a re-write of the “One More Question” series of articles in which I will seek to answer an interesting (although not necessarily pressing) question that some readers have submitted over the years. After the last one in April, this one has already been written by a long time reader and I know many of you have already answered it to your satisfaction (or lack thereof!). As always, all questions are submitted anonymously so I urge all of you to do the same.

Recently a reader sent me the following question regarding a very well-known (but very little discussed) question “Why should I invest in a bitcoin mining rig as a high-margin business?” (see related articles here and here). I’ll try to answer the question this time in the hope that some of my earlier post-retirements can be revisited.

Answer, for those who missed it first time, is as follows…

“A lot of times, I’d say the majority of people who buy bitcoin are looking for more than just a bitcoin purchase; they want to mine it. When asked this question, there’s no easy answer.

Mine for profits. The mining business is inherently dangerous, and mining should at no point be your primary income source. Mining is hard work and it has a high investment risk (see the risks section for some information). However, as a hobby you’ll probably make money for a long time anyway, and the returns from a high-margin mining business will be more than enough to pay for the first few years. (Note: some

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