Can I learn drawing online? – Virtual Instructor Blog

Yes, of course. I have been to several art classes, and I can write my own drawing lessons with my own voice, which is very helpful.

How do you draw people? What style do you aim for? At this point I have been in a drawing studio for a few months and am beginning to see some similarities between drawing and writing. I am still learning, but when I begin drawing it’s more like my own body. There are similarities in both but the body is definitely much more expressive. I also notice similarities when reading, it’s also more realistic and has a flow to it.

What do you want your art to accomplish? To have fun and be a good student.

If you had your way, what would you do with your art career right now? I would make art in the classroom so my drawings can be taken to other schools and taught. I want to be a good drawing instructor so I can be given free access to our schools.

What is your hobby/sport? I love surfing (a very popular sport in Australia). There are other sports I am interested in too, like playing golf, which I have been doing for several years. My best sport is ice hockey which I am trying to improve. My hobbies are generally activities outside of work that are not too difficult. I am also very into making art, if I have an opportunity I will go to the craft store and get more materials and ideas. And if there is a hobby that requires me to work a lot of hours, so be it! My primary hobbies/interests are art, surfing, writing and cooking.
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What do you think is your main draw to drawing? It doesn’t really say a lot in words, but for me it is to connect with other artists, to be a better artist and learn from them.

What is your favorite piece of illustration/drawing? I don’t like the word masterpiece, it can come across as the opposite of fun or fun loving. For me it is more like the opposite of working too hard. For me, drawing is work.

Who are your biggest influences as a child? I think my favorite artists are H.R. Giger and Salvador Dalí. Giger’s work fascinates me, especially the stuff he drew in his own way, without regard for the fact that it wouldn’t look right to society at the time. I also like what Dalí did about animals, I think his drawings of them are very

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