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Can I take the “learn drawing online” course? Sure you can! I wrote the most popular “Drawing the Fire” course in 2006 when my first book, “The Art of Drawing the Fire”, became the bestselling title in the Art of Drawing series. If you’ve had an eye on drawing professionally, you may want to give it a look. Check it out for yourself online!

Do I really need to learn drawing in college? If you’re a beginner or intermediate artist who’s just getting started with art in any medium, then no, you don’t need to teach yourself art all that often, and definitely not in college. You’re not required to practice drawing every day. But, if you really want to improve yourself, or to take you further down the path to becoming a better artist, or even just to learn about your subjects better, a couple of semesters of art education is generally a decent investment of time, and is always a good idea in the first place! If your goal is to take it to the next level, then an art course in the first semester may be a good idea. In fact, as I’ve mentioned in the “learn drawing at home in 3 weeks” article, you likely already have your favorite subjects covered. Don’t hesitate to learn those other subjects after you take the course, but for the most part, you’ll probably want to start with just the four basic ones. There’s something to be said for spending some time, especially during your early art training years, on just the basics. You’ll enjoy studying the basics more, see the process faster, and you’ll be able to use the skills better in your future art work.
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Can I get away with not having enough artwork prepared for me? In short, you may not need to do any art preparation at all. You’re not expected to have a full portfolio showing what you’ve drawn or painted, but just some sketches, or a few samples from your books, or even a few frames that you’ve taken. Some of us draw our art so quickly that we end up drawing stuff on the computer that doesn’t belong in the canvas. These things don’t count as art. I know that this is a controversial opinion, but most of the great artists I know that have gone through this process have done it without any art preparation whatsoever.

Do you have to do your art training before school and work as a teacher? Not necessarily. There are plenty of different schools that offer Art in School that actually

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