Can adults learn to draw? – Art Lessons For Kids

That would be cool.”

And the other question that always comes up is “Can adults teach children to draw? That’s a great question, too.”

Well, that’s the point. Draw. Draw. Draw.

How many years has it been since we asked the question of “Can adults draw?”, eh? Maybe you missed an opportunity. I didn’t, and I’ll explain why. I have learned that not only do kids and teens understand that adults (and anyone else who has ever done a sketch for adults) can draw; they’re often the ones explaining that to their friends. I found this out first hand when a very good friend of mine told me that he’s a “master” at drawing and that he teaches a lot of kids to draw. (And for those who think he just wants to teach his kids some “basic” information, here’s a nice video of him teaching his kids to paint, too:

My friend, who is a wonderful artist himself (he was born with a unique condition that makes it difficult to see), wanted so badly to teach these kids that they would see the art that his drawings revealed in their own lives instead of just looking at his sketches and feeling what he drew. And this is the important thing. Kids, especially children of the age of 10, are capable of seeing the images in a person’s mind and getting an idea of who or what they are. They can even pick apart the pictures and find flaws in the model’s drawing, as they will when they try to draw themselves.

Here are a couple of my friends (all of whom are artists at heart, but are in different age groups, too):

I love their drawings and they’re so smart. But I know what they’re really saying is, “I’ll just draw this thing. I don’t care about what it actually is.” And it’s true. A lot of kids who are drawn to art have a hard time understanding that it doesn’t matter what it is they are drawing. The more a piece is about themselves (ie. not something you do to draw yourself) the easier it will be for them to see that this is not a drawing of them. That’s why they end up asking, “Wait a minute! Why does your drawing have a mustache on it?” And they are right. That’s what they’re trying to say.

To me, the art world is more like a small community. The artists all know each another. They

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