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We know art and music are different. But are they different in the brain?

In an important study, Dr. Charles Hoch and others showed that brain scans of people playing different types of music show differences in how certain parts of the brain respond. Specifically, the brain of a pianist and a dancer showed changes in how music is processed, and a lot seemed to depend on the music’s style (the brain of the pianist was active in processing a lot of the high-energy, melodic stuff, but not the higher frequencies, and vice versa for the dancer).

I’m a pianist and I work on a lot of rhythm and dynamics, and I have to look at the brain in the brain. How do I work differently to better help my brain?

How do you have a better understanding of what’s in your brain when you listen to another artist, but you can’t do it?

“In order to learn the secrets of your brain, you have to learn to see what it is.” The brain’s response to music is based more around pattern than type.

You’re one of the few people that can actually teach a computer the rules of music. How does that make you feel?

Musicians are usually good at looking for patterns and in figuring out the structure. But when it comes to musical structure, computer modeling is limited. It takes years of painstaking work to build, and even still it doesn’t necessarily work.

To get you moving, we have a great series on the science of music.

“Art is about understanding a mystery. An unsolved mystery. We have learned how to put the pieces together. A mystery can be understood by seeing how the pieces fit together.” —Albert Einstein

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