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It’s expensive; it’s also a job we all like to do. At the time we hired him, we thought we could hire him for a few hours and get him to talk for a few hours. It took months to get to that point, but we have been enjoying this one. It’s not an expense when we can actually give back to our clients and get the results. A lot of people come to me with their concerns and have a goal set, and I go back to them and say, “Listen, if you work hard on your goals, the rest will take care of itself.” It’s not expensive when we can actually get to the point where we make money from talking.

Can a business like your become a full-time job?

Yeah. This is all a business. There’s nothing wrong with working with me, working with clients, but there’s a lot of business to do on the side.

So how much time does the time with me take?

Just about every day. Most days, two, three hours. It doesn’t get to be 24. It’s just about coming there and taking the time to get a sense of how your body is doing and how you’re handling stress. There’s no rush, so you can put yourself in a position to get work done and not be rushed, whether it’s a business like a bank, an investment manager, or your own life. We get to put in 30 hours a week and then spend a few weeks talking before leaving. It’s no way of life that I want to live because there’s no real happiness. It’s a way of living that gets me there more quickly, so that’s really my goal.

Have your clients been happy to have you help them?

Most of them have been happy. We’ve had clients come in after going through the initial therapy and come back and say, “I’ve been able to feel a lot better.” People really come back that way, and it’s great.

What’s one thing people might not be aware of about you that they should know?
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I like to joke around a lot. People sometimes ask if I have any pets, and I say yes. And then, they’re like, “Why do you have a dog?” and I’m like, “It’s for when you’re on vacation.”

Is there a dog out there you want to meet?

Yeah, and I have so many—

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