Why do you want to become a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Plan Pdf

My desire to become a life coach began because I had the good fortune to become a father in 2010. As fatherhood is a time of discovery, I was very excited to discover that my kids were also discovering the wonderful world of parenting. The first thing all of them noticed was the way my mom interacted and helped them.

Did the other girls notice anything differently?

Yes, in both the early and middle years the kids noticed, but as they got older they started appreciating their mom for helping them out and supporting them in so many ways. When they found out their mom was a life coach, they started asking questions that made more sense than they had before.

In one of your photos, you’re holding your daughters hand and holding them as you are standing in an empty grocery store. What do you mean by “doing that at grocery store?”

My daughter and I were walking down the aisles when I noticed something very different about my hands. The skin on my hands felt softer. My daughter thought that it was just being in the store without me being around. I was able to confirm it for myself. I was looking at the product and had no idea what made it different but I knew something I hadn’t noticed before.

Tell us about that experience.

I was in the store shopping with my daughter and noticed the way the product made her skin feel felt so good. We continued on down the aisles until we were just walking and she pointed at something. I turned around and she pointed at my hands again. My mom asked what was on that product and I told her.
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She pointed to something I had not noticed for a long time and asked me what that was. I said I had not noticed what it was until I picked up the product that day.

She made a point to come over to my office every now and then to talk more about this new thing. She started asking me about it, but I was always too busy trying to find ways to make her mother-daughter relationship work. I was frustrated because this was my favorite aspect of the relationship she had with me. I was getting no response, but she was constantly inquiring about it and she eventually convinced me that she actually liked having someone looking up to her. It was as if she was not really looking for attention from everyone else around her.

I started thinking “this is interesting, but what makes it fun?” I started thinking about different things that make us

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