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The biggest risk of coaching is that it’s just too easy to fall back on old patterns, not know how to build on new systems and learn to change everything.

I have a very long-winded list that goes in an infinite order, but the bottom line is simply this:

The goal is never “to win”. And if the coach’s sole job is to build relationships, to “get you closer to where you want to be”, that’s fine. But it’s a much more complicated task to keep winning, and to keep being great at your job. That’s why even the best coaches are sometimes so overzealous in their pursuit of winning things they should not.

The coaches who are consistently great will work hard at building relationships, helping clients and building the organization (in the short run) to attract good things. But, ultimately, they are just that, great, people. And they should not be held up as a shining example. If you want to succeed as a coach as a person, the answer is this: to be the best possible person. You’ve got to create things that you desire and that you think will be a great source of happiness. And if you’re willing to learn and accept the risks you’re going to take, then you might even be able to get lucky every once in a while.

Most coaches are too much of a risk taker to consistently develop those things into things that will get them great, and the result is a coaching environment that’s more about getting to a winning outcome than getting good at winning things.

If you really care about your life, if you want to win, there are other jobs than football. And if you’re willing to work hard at it and find new success in coaching, there are many other career options that will get you the kind of money and freedom you want to spend on your career. If that’s you, then that’s what you need to do. And that’s what I’m going to focus on for the rest of this post.

The list

These are what I like to call “life choices”.

Here are my top 3 priorities for myself as a coach:

1) Find a job that I can really enjoy for the next decade.

2) Start building relationships with a bunch of other people who I know love coaching and who I think are happy in what they do.

3) Get really good at coaching.

And yes…

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