Why do coaches fail? – Coaching Business Plan

The answer is simple.

They fail on the job. They make mistakes, but they fail on their job in large part because they do not truly understand the business. Not only do they not appreciate the business, they forget how the business works.

Let’s take a quick tour of the business.

The Player

The player is primarily responsible for creating the gameplan. In the gameplan, “each player is given an overall goal and responsibilities within their role in the game,” so-called because each player is responsible for a part of the offense. The goals of each individual player and team are often unique, but the basic principles are generally accepted as being that each individual player should:

Create offense/defense coverage

Run, pass, or run a specific offense

Run a specific offense

In addition to these goals, the coach might add other goals such as “the most effective personnel group against a particular coverage,” “the ability to make players understand the play,” “identify personnel strengths” and “identify players who contribute the most for the team by helping to establish alignment and the flow of the game.” There are many other goals and expectations, so it is not as if the coach is just following a few simple rules regarding a player’s job during a game.

It is common for coaches to assign responsibilities, but coaches in general tend to assign them poorly. For example, when analyzing plays the player in this example should run in the 3 x 2 set, but the coach doesn’t assign that responsibility to the player. What’s the reason for this? The players are not responsible for identifying which plays the coach would assign to them, so the coach is not concerned. If a player “runs the same play” more than a couple times, it’s because the coaches have no clue.

The player in this example might have a lot of responsibility in a specific set, but should rarely have more responsibility than that. For example, in the above scenario, no matter what the players did, the offensive line might make the plays, so the defensive players could be criticized for not keeping their heads down and getting after the offensive line.

How often do you hear coaches praise players, however? It’s not always the case, especially by the coaches you work with on a daily basis.

The coach is only ever looking at the gameplan, making assignments on the fly to give players a different look and help them communicate more effectively. The players don’t have

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