Who is the highest paid NBA coach? – How To Start A Life Coaching Business Pdf

We take a look, and the answer is surprisingly …

1) Mike D’Antoni

The Lakers’ former head coach and assistant has agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in the city of L.A. through the 2021-22 season.

It means he will be paid $13 million per season through the end of 2024-25.

D’Antoni is now the highest paid coach in the NBA.

2) Karl Malone

The Lakers’ former coach and assistant reportedly earned a minimum four-year deal worth $7.25 million this past summer.

The contract, which would have made Malone the highest-paid coach in the NBA, is expected to be worth $8 million per season.

We don’t know how big a name will come into the conversation when it comes to that next guy.

In the NBA, you can keep that up for the longest time. It just gets really expensive.

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