Who is the best life coach in the world? – Life Coaching Business Plan Template

The great thing about “I coach everyone and make friends all over the world” are that you already meet all the best coaching people. If I was your “best life coach” in the world, what’s the best life coach in the world that I would hire?
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The best life coach in the world, because most people wouldn’t hire an asshole.

If you know a bunch of awesome people, it’s not really a matter of deciding which is the best coach, or even if one is the best one, because you know everyone. Just know that they have these strengths, these talents, and they’re probably going to be better coaches than you are.

This is where my “best coach” approach works. I have a lot of friends and know them all very well. So I know what it takes to get great. And I can do it by getting to know them.

So, I’m your best life coach, right?

Not necessarily. I’m your best friend; you know that. I’m your best teacher; you know that. You know what to do to improve. I’m your best counselor; you know that. I’m your best mentor; you know that. I’m your best partner; I’m an awesome partner; we love each other in every way possible in every aspect of this life.

What’s the worst, most annoying life coach?

What do you mean?

There’s an awful lot of people. People would never hire someone who thinks they’re a better life coach than the top 10,000. But there are people out there that, as a group, would have the same amount of skills and experience and drive.

What people need

There’s only so much that you can learn about the world or your business — and you have to get on them before they give you their best advice. Here are a few general ideas of where things like “it could be better” and “I could be happier” might come in handy:

Know how to be a good listener. If you say the wrong thing, give them the wrong reasons. Don’t just say “I think it would be good to be happier.” You probably should be trying to figure that out for yourself. Think of some other ways to be happy. Do your best to make yourself better in other areas.

If you say the wrong thing, give them the wrong reasons. Don’t just say “I think it would be

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