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I like how you guys are asking that question.”

The biggest question, though: How do you get out of a relationship you could no longer tolerate and no longer want to be with?

“I was in a relationship for 12 years. I wanted to stay and I was tired of the relationship,” said Jodi. “The relationship didn’t work and the breakup was a good thing.

“That first year when I made the decision not to get back in again, the worst thing I would have to do is go and re-enlist when they tell you at six in the morning when you’re not in a good place. If that’s the decision you’re going to make for your future, it doesn’t make sense.

“You have to really consider those things. You have an obligation to yourself, your kids and your future. That’s a big decision you have to make.”

The divorce was painful. Jodi was in a relationship, but it wasn’t as easy as she could have wished. After nearly 12 years of marriage and being together, it was time to get over it.

“I know there weren’t many people in a relationship who have had divorce, but Jodi’s is not only different, but it’s a different mindset that she goes through. She’s the first one to come off the fence when she starts talking about the fact that she might be single.”

Jodi and husband John are still together. He has moved to Los Angeles, where she lives, but she’s also worked multiple part-time jobs in New York and San Francisco to make ends meet.

The former couple lives together, but they aren’t married.

“I’m single and married. I’m going by John’s name and he’ll ask me about him, so I won’t talk about him if I choose to, but I don’t have that problem anymore,” said Jodi.

“I really feel lucky for the fact that I was able to figure out a way to stay married. And because we’re both from small towns, no one is forced to stay married in those states — they just don’t have to and that’s a good thing.”

A friend suggested that the answer to Jodi’s “Why did I want to get out of it?” question will probably come in the form of her life coaching business.

“My life coaching business has made a lot of money, so I’m happy now,” Jodi said

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