Who is Oprah’s life coach? – Samples Of Life Coach Business Cards

Her life coach is a spiritual teacher named Mark R. Sisson. Sisson is the author of “The Practice of Purposeful Living” who has received several awards including three LifeHackers Best of Science award. Sisson teaches a 5 step process to live a life of purpose. It has many books like “Doing It, Not Doing It”.

Is Oprah’s home life normal?

Oprah’s real life is probably normal. Maybe not perfect. As you can see by the video below, she’s never been on a date. No matter how “high roller, rich and famous”, she’s been alone most of her life. She’s been in the city since she was a teenager. And what is typical for a successful celebrity: she lives with a personal chef, has an assistant that does all her social media, and a private chef is on her arm 24/7.

She has a real life business called “I Am Oprah Winfrey: The Road to Financial Freedom.” You can see it here on YouTube.

What other famous people are the “life coaches” in Oprah’s life?

You will find out in her book and YouTube interviews. But let’s start with her childhood. Oprah talks about how she and her mother were separated in the family for 10 years. They split up when she was 3. From what I can tell, it wasn’t a tough relationship. She was a very caring person despite being separated from her parents. He wasn’t around as much and she was at his side a lot. So she just went on to life at school. Her childhood was normal, but we do see in the videos that she had many family “conflict” times with her father before her relationship with her father had been completely removed.

What is her opinion on marriage?

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She has spoken many times about her decision to have a relationship with another woman. But as a matter of fact, she is one of the most married people in America, married three times. She was divorced once, with whom she has since remarried. She is not sure why she has two divorces. There have been rumors about her not being a good parent but as an adult, that is probably not true. Oprah is happily married twice.

She is not a lesbian. But is she a lesbian per se?

Yes. She has been around the same age as lesbians. But her lifestyle really differs. They usually prefer a more intimate lifestyle without many clothes

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