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Are there any specific ones you would teach, or any particular training that can’t be taught yet, but are valuable for developing one’s skills?


How’s the best way to develop my personal strength/confidence to motivate me to do well in life? Is there anything I can do to make myself stronger? I love doing CrossFit and training with my friends. Would you recommend a personal trainer to me?

I am a long-time student of psychology and I know about the importance of the self-assessment – of yourself and your relationships. Would you mind writing a brief article on self-assessment?

My name is Lisa. I know your answer will be the same as mine:

The best way to improve my self-assessment skills is to attend a class

and start attending every training session I can. But how?

I have some suggestions…

Step by step:
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Ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I really sure that whatever activity I participate in will be beneficial to my long term self-growth in all areas, especially mental health? (I’d prefer more questions such as how many miles will be gained? etc)

2. How would I feel if this activity actually improved my physical health? (I would prefer to get to the root cause first and not just think about that later)

3. Do I value my life and believe in myself more than others?

4. Do I take my responsibility to others seriously?

5. Do I believe in the value of social skills/connections within my community? If so, why?

6. If any of these are true and apply to me, do I have a responsibility to my personal development beyond the self-evaluation questions above and how would my life be improved by it?

7. Is there any aspect of my past, present or future that I would like to revisit, so that I can better understand myself in order to make changes so as to improve my future?

I believe my responses are pretty close to the real answers to your questions. I feel I have answered most of the questions. Also, if not you, would you like to share a few thoughts, suggestions, or anything that can help me with my work on this subject? I’m an introvert by nature but I am interested in more active people/social skills.

As always, I’m sorry if you

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