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  What type of education are students required to get before they receive their certification?  How does a career coaching program compare to other career services?

These are some of the questions I had as I sat in on a career center training session in the fall of 2011, during the first of four training sessions that took place over two months at the New York Society for Human Resource Management Training Center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. 
The session was part of a larger training initiative that started in November 2011 called Career Center Training NYC.  It was designed to assist and provide information on various different career coaching careers in the city – including career coaching, training and coaching for the legal profession, career coaching for individuals working in finance – the number one interest amongst the approximately 3,000 adults who attend the courses each year.
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As I have said before in my work as a career coach, my main interest is that people are successful because they work hard, dedicate their time and effort, and have the courage to face the challenges. I am not interested in what skills people need in order to become a successful coach. 
When I was a university student doing research in human resources, I read in several academic papers about how to become a successful coach.  One paper actually described in detail the various components of the training needed to become a successful mentor.   In my experience, it is the same thing with career coaching.  It is the hard work, dedication, courage to face the challenges, and the ability to recognize when people are at risk that will help a person learn what I call a “life coach”.  
When it comes to my own experience becoming a career coach, my training and education has not given me such a high level of self-confidence and experience that I could assume that I would be one day one day managing a career center.  In fact, I was so excited about being a life coach, as well as the opportunity to work with students, that I could not wait to begin working for my own team of clients. 
Being passionate about your work, not about how you got there is the key to being a successful life coach. 
What we looked at in the room was a training session in which we discussed many different career training, coaching and personal development courses.  Most of the classes covered in the course had courses for individual, group or family therapy.  Most of the students said that they learned something new in their courses or were able to get more information about the individual and their unique needs

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