What should I ask a life coach? – Life And Business Coach Salary

There are many life decisions in life that should be discussed after a long and stressful road. A number of the other options are to ask a life coach about the following:


Life’s goals

Financial issues

Health issues

Life-changing events that may impact you

Relationships can help a person find comfort, support and understanding with their situation.

You may want to ask a life coach to help you to understand who you are and how you got here, so that you don’t make decisions like those we’ll read about later in this course, or where the goal is to “be perfect.”

As a life coach, you may ask the following questions in regard to your relationship:

“What are your feelings about the other person/people in your life?”

“What is it that makes your relationship with them special?”

“How does the life coach feel about the situation?”

“How much time, energy and focus will you spend on this relationship?”

“What is the difference between your relationship with this person or their situation?”

“What would you like to change in this relationship?”

“What is the life coach’s biggest concern about this relationship?”

“What does it feel like to have a great relationship with this person?”

“What other people would you like to build a strong relationship with?”

Life coaches also suggest that you ask for help from others, so as to feel good about and enjoy the relationship. Your life coach may suggest:

Friends and family.


Clients at the office or in-person.

Friends who are supportive but not overly critical of your progress.

Others who will encourage you to take steps forward, and offer valuable resources like guidance and mentoring.

Another way that a life coach may help you make decisions is by giving you examples of successful people who have made their way through difficult situations.

Examples can include:

How their life story was similar to yours.

How their positive attitude was the same or even enhanced their sense of well-being.

How their ability to keep their problems in their hearts as a positive change in their life.

One way that a life coach may advise about a particular situation is to offer a hypothetical scenario. For example, when a life coach suggests that I make a change to my diet in order to lose weight, what would

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