What problems do life coaches solve? – Should I Become A Life Coach Quiz

So how do they apply those theories to our personal lives and how can we start a revolution in the way people think about themselves and their habits?

For example, we all know people who are very shy (I’m very shy!) but they’re very successful despite such a shy state. Why?

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best excuses for people who are shy. You might find a few to be useful too – the next time you feel the need to be self-conscious.

10 Best excuses for people who find themselves shy

Reason 1: To get a promotion or to impress someone.

This is one of those really stupid excuses. Of course you want to get promoted or impress someone, right?

No, it’s far less interesting.

If I was a manager in a company with a reputation for pushing forward in the workplace, this excuse wouldn’t make any sense at all.

When you look at a company from above and see how difficult it is for people to move up (if you’re doing research on the subject I urge you to do it anyway), then you can’t help but think that this must have something to do with your own personality.

After all, you are naturally shy.

So why are people so attracted to your job and so willing to stick with it and be a part of your success?

You’ve got it backwards, though.

People want to be successful in their careers because they know that they’ll be respected and that their work will go anywhere from nowhere to the top spot.

And if you look at any professional sport people have started teams and started going out for a beer with the other fans while other people are stuck behind to watch them.

That’s the difference between getting good at something and being a good manager of a team of people.

Reason 2: To help you get laid.

This is another example of an excuse that works perfectly in a job context but can easily derail your career in a relationship one.

Yes, most people love finding a woman to date, but the majority of them will choose their man (maybe even two) over them if he’s willing to make himself unavailable. They’re not going to settle for anything less than the best he can offer.

In the opposite situation, you may be perfectly content with being on a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend and that’s fine – you’ll be in love

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