What problems do life coaches solve? – Life Coaching Business Model

How does life coach work? Find out here

What makes a life coach a ‘success’ leader? Find out here

What does a life coach look for that other leaders don’t? Find out here

What makes a life coach a ‘success’ person? Get the answers here and learn how to make life coach work for you

This section deals with the specific ways to make life coaching work for a client. To learn more about the specific skills that make a life coach stand out, consider the section on how to become a career coach.

How do you become a life coach?

The first step to becoming a life coach is to discover a client that’s ready to take it. It’s not uncommon to find a new client that has the same problem that’s been bothering them for years, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll like what they see. The first step is to find them, ask them to describe their pain and ask what they’d like to see to start using life coach to help them. The job of a life coach is to provide solutions, not to fix problems.

Do you have a story about a client who made life coach work for him? Tell us in the comments below.

The following sections deal with:

How to become a life coach: 1. Choose a goal. 2. Find a client. 3. Identify the problem. 4. Fix it. 5. Take steps to make life coach work for the client.

How to become a life coach (a ‘success’)

Life coach is becoming a successful life coach.

There are several ways to become a successful life coach:

Go to classes and seminars

Train for a personal best in a related discipline (such as exercise, strength training, business)

Earn a master’s degree in a related area (such as clinical psychology)

Earn a PhD

Build a successful non-profit (to become a public speaker, to be a mentor or to be a board member), a school, etc.

Learn a new language (for example, Spanish, Chinese or French)

Use your network to sell yourself

Start teaching courses, seminars, or courses for a group

How to become a life coach (a ‘failure’)

Life coach is making the problem you’ve been dealing with go away. Unfortunately, once a problem is made go away, it’s difficult to change it. That’s why

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