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At the start of the work, the individual is asked to identify what the biggest problems are in his/her life. The session then starts with a training plan, consisting of training activities. Then, the individual is asked to write down on a single piece of paper: a list, in order:

What is the biggest problem in your life?

What can you do to solve this problem?

How do you think of yourself in relation to this problem? (for example, what are the most important values that you care about in your life?)

What can you do to change the way you think about this problem?

How would you solve this problem in the following two or five years?

The individual also should try to identify his or her strengths and weak links in life.

The session follows a structured process: the individual is given a training session consisting of training activities, and a time to reflect and write about his/her results.

What kind of training is a life coach supposed to provide?

The main characteristic of a life coach is to find solutions for people who are in a situation where they are struggling.

The specific type of work a life coach provides is called motivational coaching.

Is there any difference between motivational training and life coaching?

A life coach will talk to a person about why he/she is not doing their best. A motivational coach will talk about what the person should do in order to solve this situation.

Does anyone else teach motivational coaching? Where is the best place to find a local motivational coach?

I am a motivational coach myself. There are no other life coaches in the Philippines, besides myself, who teach motivational training.

What are some of the training activities that you would recommend for a person looking to become a life coach?

There are a number of activities and courses that I recommend to anyone who is looking for ways to improve their self-knowledge, self-confidence, and their knowledge about a subject. In addition, there are some classes I teach in which I teach techniques for teaching people about a subject. I have been teaching these techniques to students all over the world in my workshops and courses over the last 11 years.

Who should not become a life coach?

You should not become a life coach if you have any of the following:



Drug addiction

Physical disability or disability, especially mental disability, such

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