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Sara Cope: You’ve probably heard that my mom’s the best thing to happen to me, right? The other day when she passed away, she actually said, “Don’t just sit around. Do something. Do something to make it better. You need to do something.” My parents were so committed to each other that I felt she was a force for good because she didn’t ask for any of it. Instead she just let it happen.

I’ve done a lot of different forms of therapy in my life to try to make this pain go away, and it hasn’t been easy. But there’s no cure, as far as my mom’s concerned. But with something as serious as cancer, I’ve been given the opportunity to get my mind and head straight on it. I’m hoping, if I can stay engaged with myself, I can do what she would have wanted me to do: Go to a class with somebody, go to a movie, go to a concert. I don’t have to give in and pretend like I’m doing nothing. I don’t have to go through the worst experience of my life and feel hopeless, because she would want me to do that and be depressed because there’s nothing to look forward to anymore.

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“That girl can keep going!”

As I sit down to watch the second series of “The Walking Dead” on AMC this week, I can’t help thinking about the season opener’s “Gordo” scenes, in which a little boy stares into the middle distance and cries out, “That girl can keep going!”

It was a heartwarming scene and a reminder of why Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland has kept bringing our favorite characters back into our thoughts for the past thirteen years. But in the first episode, that boy is really, really wrong, or at least that’s the message the show is trying to convey.

“This episode just wasn’t that great about people who get really depressed and

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