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“This is only the first phase of my certification process,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for six years. The whole system is based on the belief that we will improve our lives and become more self aware and we can become empowered and free, the next thing is to change the mindset that our bodies need to be held down and that we are all going to die in the next 20 years.”

He believes that our society is getting progressively more disconnected from our bodies and our innermost secrets.

“We do not talk about these things. We’re not living life to the fullest. Many times in our country, we don’t talk about the importance of mindfulness, we need to be connected with our minds. It’s our destiny to make ourselves happier and live happy lives. We’ll become successful and have beautiful relationships, and it’s the mindset that we have to make ourselves happy,” he said.

In order to make our bodies and minds happier, we don’t have to just “get in the gym in the morning” or do yoga. He believes, we need to get in touch with our own inner wisdom and be self aware of our mind.

“In the beginning, people will come to you with these questions like, ‘I’m tired’ and then you can ask, ‘Am I tired?’ People will then give you a better picture of the way they feel, then you can give them a plan. Then they come to you with their plan, ‘OK, how do I get into this mindset where I’m always going to fight this disease that I have?’,” said Mr. Zawada.

He adds that he sees his mission as a continuation of his journey with his health coaching certification.

“I was in pain all over the body, neck, back, hips, shoulders, knees and in every other area. Everything was the same, except now I’m focusing on my mind,” he said.

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“Most people think if they want to be stronger, they should lift weights. This is not a simple path. It’s not a simple story. I had to learn how to love my body and love the way it feels. I had to learn how to see the beauty that I have, my inner wisdom, my heart,” he said.

His experience with the certification started with a few minutes of training with a coach in his hometown to get

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