What are the duties of a life coach? – Life Coaching Business Plan Sample

There are two categories of life coach:- an internal coach and an external coach. A life coach is a person who is in charge of guiding students to make their goals come true while achieving the goals they have set themselves. An external coach is a person who trains students about their own growth, skills, health, and how to overcome any challenges they may encounter.

Are there any guidelines regarding coaches?

There are two types of rules and guidelines regarding coaches. Firstly, there is the rule of self-discipline and the guideline of making the student to feel accountable for their progress. Secondly, there is the rule of making students follow the desired course of things only.

Who is an external coach?

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External coaches are persons who provide support, encouragement, help and support to people and situations within a group, in such a way they help the students make the change necessary to achieve their goals. External coaches have also been given specific responsibilities to help young people achieve their dreams and take them to the next level. External coaches have received their training from some of the best professional coaches across the globe. They are trained in teaching students how to take steps in a certain direction to get themselves where they want to be – even when they are being beaten down from a difficult situation.

Is it recommended to keep an external person who is not a teacher in charge of students?

Although it is advised that the external person be a person who can teach the students while they are being coached. External coaching also helps avoid a situation where children who are struggling might find themselves with a lot of responsibility which makes it hard for them to be self-confident.

How is external coaching different from private coaching?

The most important difference between an external and a private coaching is that the coaching experience is more customized and tailored to the needs of a particular youngster which makes it more personalized and personal in nature than a private coaching program.

Is coaching for children different from that for adults?

The same way how for adults coaching is different compared to what a person does for their own child, it is also very different from having a coach for yourself or your self. In fact, I am a professional child development coach and I see children being coached all the time from the ages of 3 to 12.

What should a child be looking for in a coach?

The difference is one that helps a person to take charge in the child’s life. Some of the things a coaches need to help a

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