Is udemy accredited? – Life Coach Business Cards Design

or are the udemy courses free of charge? or are you getting free courses for a week just for enrolling in them?

– We are accredited as of this date, but you are responsible for confirming the udemy course availability with your university.

– We do offer courses for free through udemy, some of these courses are as a result of referral (you refer us to a friend with a valid udemy account, or you just get a few free lessons).

– You will also be offered courses via udemy (sometimes only 2 courses per day at a time)

– For most courses, you need to pay a small deposit and they can go through the course in about an hour or so

– Once we send the deposit (around €5-15 Euros) to your university, the rest is paid straight away. If you pay a later time, there’ll have to be some money taken from your account, I wouldn’t worry about that (it costs you money, if you get an online course that is no longer available, they often remove it and then send some additional money to you)

If you have a problem, you send us an email to [email protected] with the details of your issue.

– Some companies that give discount courses with udemy don’t pay their clients back, and many other online companies do, but they will always help if you call them.

– The difference between Udemy courses and those that you get through udemy are pretty much non-existent. Udemy courses cost about 10 – 30 Euros for a week of learning without any credit, but we can get even more value out of free courses if you make your payments through a udemy credit card.

– The only time we don’t provide refunds (in the UK, there is a minimum amount) is if you cancel after you’ve paid, you’re responsible for the full amount

– Most courses are available for up to 10 days of learning, but if they are still open (or you haven’t paid) the rest can be completed within 1 week.

– We only offer free courses as a way of increasing demand for courses and as a reward for people referring students, but we’re pretty sure you’ll still find a ton of free courses, just pay attention to the dates!

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