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What are some of the issues they face?

Life coaches can also find themselves dealing with various issues that will affect them in different ways. The issues facing them can include, the problems of mental health, relationships issues, mental acuity, and issues associated with work. On top of this, it is important to take an active role in helping them to become better people. This can also include training with appropriate professionals, and the right way to use therapy and interventions that they may not always be able to do alone.

“I am currently involved in an interprofessional project with a team from the Department of Applied Health at the University of Edinburgh and the Institute of Applied Psychology at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. In this project we have been involved with the development of a set of mental health intervention strategies that are tailored directly to mental health issues.

“This project has been undertaken with a wide range of support from healthcare professionals both from the professional and social care sectors. With this, we have been able to provide an opportunity for professionals to work collaboratively directly with the participants and this project.

“We hope that this project can provide a more efficient, effective way of providing information and support to individuals with significant mental health issues and in particular the young, growing, and diverse populations that are at risk of mental health issues.

“One of the main objectives has been to provide a framework of interventions to be integrated into service systems across our society and to provide a better service to those suffering from mental health problems.

“This project will involve the establishment and implementation of an interprofessional group working on mental health and the provision of psychological, psychological, and occupational health support. These initiatives will aim to improve service utilisation rates and overall quality of care.”

In Scotland, the Institute of Applied Psychology currently has three full time staff members who work in the areas of education, training and management support. Two of these are graduates who specialise in working with the aged, with one working in educational psychology, the other working in research. Other full time staff who have had training include an occupational therapist, and a psychotherapist.

The work of the Interprofessional Group comprises of both professional and academic staff from four different disciplines including counselling, occupational health, psychotherapy, and mental health. The Interprofessional Group is comprised of professionals within these disciplines. The Interprofessional Group manages work in this area through a committee comprising members from each discipline. In addition to these, there are currently several academic

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