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If so, where do you see the value of such a movement in the future? In fact, the question should be more like where do you see the value of a particular profession (e.g., law) in the future? It’s unlikely that a number of lawyers would choose to become self coach scholars without first having seen the value of a particular profession. In the current state of practice, perhaps a number of them would do so without the benefit of a legal education. What do you think?

Do You See Value in Self-Coaching Scholars?

A great deal of my current practice is the result of a combination of personal experience and professional education. Because of those factors, I am in a position to provide valuable advice to many of my clients. I also am one of the few individuals who sees the potential value in my own self coaching studies to expand my perspective as a court advocate. While the majority of my practice involves legal advice, I am currently engaged in work regarding the use of self-coaching as a supplement to legal training (this latter work includes, for example, a class for students pursuing a law practice. The class consists simply of reviewing a variety of recent case law regarding self-coaching research and its application.

As a self-coaching scholar, I see three types of self-coaching experience: those with formal formal education in a legal profession, those who have not studied this profession as a legal education and seek to supplement their education, and those who have read the material presented in my class and found that it has provided valuable insights they wish to apply to their own practice or their professional identity. If you’re one of the students who has benefited from the class, thank you! However, unless you have a desire to start a self coaching career or have an interest in a legal career, please note that I do not offer individual self-help programs for those who do not have the formal legal institution or education to benefit from self-help.

If you are interested in self-help courses, there is an excellent online course that is designed for self-coaching scholars. I have been a participant in a few of the self-help programs, but I do not endorse them or any of their content. If you would like to have additional help on your self coaching journey, I would recommend looking at the course The Case for Legal Self-Help.

Thank you all for your time.

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