Is life coaching in demand? – Life Coach Business Names Ideas

I hope so.

Here’s how to become a life coach:

• First, you need a life coach. It’s true that some people can make all the decisions, but many people must accept their fate and make the best choices for other people. (This means you need another person to mentor, guide, and help you.)

• You will need a living, breathing presence to mentor, counsel, and help you — someone who you can trust with your money and life.

• You need someone who will be with you every moment of your life, to help guide you every challenge, and to show you kindness. And someone who can listen, understand, and share your best wishes.

• You will need someone who can answer every question you ask, answer every fear, and provide a life guide (or the right life-guide, depending on what you want to do with it).

Life coaches are a rare breed of expert in both skills and style. They help people learn to lead and inspire. That’s what makes them so valuable: They can teach you all the techniques you need to be successful with your new job, your new relationship, your new career, and everything else… as long as they live to serve you for another 20 or 30 years, too. So let’s get started!

(Some resources here:, and—for both coaching services and life coaching.)

In a bid to strengthen the country’s cybersecurity, a new draft law on digital transactions in India has been drafted. It proposes to enhance data protection laws, make data transfer in digital transactions safe and enforce data privacy

Indian startups were among the first to join forces to create the Blockchain Association of India in February this year. The association seeks to enhance digital transactions and blockchain technology to strengthen the country’s economic and political development.

The draft law, which has been forwarded to the Supreme Court, is estimated to have a number of provisions for digital transactions including security measures, legal obligations for the data owner, etc. There is no mention about information as on the Internet but the data privacy bill in India is said to be a copy of the European Data Protection Directive of 1986.

To ensure compliance with the law, the government will set up a Data Breach Notification Authority for cyber security.

Earlier, the government tried to take a different path after the data protection act was amended in 2016. The Information Technology Act 2015

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