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Yes – MLMs can be very effective, and the “work” can be more rewarding if that’s what you desire. There are also a lot of MLM programs out there, and some may have a more legitimate claim to MLM legitimacy. But MLMs can also have a negative connotation to it sometimes. I’m not sure. Also, MLMs may have many legitimate and successful claims to MLM legitimacy. So I would not say this is not MLM as defined by the IRS, just not a real MLM. On the other hand, the IRS has given a number of “exceptions” to MLM and MLM/MLM related activities. There are many examples. MLMs may have very good sales numbers, but that’s not to say that the average customer is the “target customer” of the MLM. MLMs may be legitimate. But the IRS may not be looking at the sales figures, and may not be following up on the MLM by the same process that other MLM or MLM related activities do. Some MLMs may pay a percentage of money made from purchases made for MLM products to the individual MLM members in return for working for the MLM. But others, I can’t identify, may have nothing to do with MLM products at all. Some MLMs will pay the entire cost of training and the entire cost of MLM products (including all the associated services) to the MLM members. That’s not legal? Yes; a sales person/consultant working for any MLM can be a legitimate, ethical and professional salesperson in MLM. He/she is not a salesperson acting in furtherance of any fraud. But if the MLM sales person is a former attorney, it wouldn’t really matter, as they would not have that attorney’s ethics and professional standing in any state. If you are confused, I can give a couple of examples about the IRS treatment of MLMs. In one state, you can only go after the former attorney when the MLM or the former attorney’s firm does work directly for the MLM. The IRS treats this as a non-profit organization, unlike many other MLMs, which it’s not a nonprofit organization. In another state, though, you can go after the former attorney, and take a percentage of money made from the sales done for the MLM. This may be the right time for the salesperson to have gone into the MLM organization to start as a salesperson, but after
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