Is a life coach worth the money? – Life Coach Business Plans

“You can buy a $500 gift card to a life coach for $100,” according to one anonymous Life Coach trainer.

“They are not cheap, especially if you have a ton of stress at work,” the trainer said. “The thing is, the life coaches are only working with people that are like-minded and are seeking ways to get better and they are not really qualified to offer any real guidance.”

A few of the coaches who have contacted the Post said that it makes no difference if they are trained in a clinic or just an office, and that you would have a far stronger foundation on if you had “trained in the real world.”

“There is no difference in my experience with life coaches,” said one. “They aren’t professionals, they are not experts in their field, but what they offer to you is to make you feel better about yourself. Most of them are based in places (like a spa) where there are lots of employees.”

Another Life Coach employee told the Post it was “absolutely not a scam.”

“One of our sales managers said that the money she was paid was actually just an allowance for the cost of living,” he said. “She was paid hourly, not by the hour.”

In other words, when it comes to a life coach, it’s “good money,” but it’s not as good as the hours you spend working for the company.

But is it all the money the woman is getting from her life coaching job that’s so good for her health?

Some critics question whether paying $300/hour for a life coach is really worth the life change of losing a second, third or fourth job, which is when a life coach might need their money. Also, some Life Coaches said if you were spending the money on real health advice, then you would be more likely to actually follow through. That’s what they hope you will do by paying them.

“Some people have told me that it doesn’t matter if you’re paid or not, but they want to be treated with respect and that’s what I’m doing,” said one woman. “I would pay somebody $150-$250 to work for me if I got some good things out of it.”

Some sources said the money a Life Coach earns is not really “life changing,” but a “pulse-lift” for some clients just in the moment. The source noted that it also allows someone who’s previously been

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