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If you are in or are planning to start a new job, it makes sense to attend a few daily life coaching retreats. When you are in a high pressure job which requires your full attention from 1-5 pm, many people find it difficult to leave the office and spend time with friends and family. Life coaches are there to help with this. However, if you attend twice a week with a group of friends, your friends will likely feel a part of you having a retreat.

The problem with spending 2+ days a week at a friend’s house when you can attend more traditional coaching retreats at a local mountain resort is that there is usually not enough time to attend all the activities. A retreat will be a great opportunity to get in the best shape for the upcoming season. While you want to attend the retreat to be in the best shape for the upcoming season, you also need to understand: that you spend 10 days focused on your training and 5 days focused on the job.

What are the best travel resources?

Many of the top travel courses are free in the US and offer great value. You’ll get over 80% of the value back, plus you won’t get stranded in places you might visit. Plus, if you don’t pay for the course, you’ll get access to the content for free.

We highly recommend the online courses of They are a well-established online course provider that does a very good job of promoting the best travel resources. CoachTravel provides a great value in their courses and most of their courses are very affordable. If you want to travel the world and not pay an arm and a leg, check these out.

I recommend watching the CoachShark YouTube channel. This is the official channel of CoachShark. You may pay a nominal fee for access to his videos but they are an excellent tool to see how he actually practices the technique he discusses, including coaching videos and a ton of information about this and other coaching techniques. His videos are always interesting and well-produced, often with amazing footage of his clients.

What are the best books about traveling and developing mental toughness?
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Here are some of our favorite books about the importance of developing mental toughness.

The Power of Now by Robert Greene

This book by Robert Greene is a masterpiece. The book is an introduction to self-defense in which the emphasis on self-control is emphasized over the importance of physical strength to successfully defend yourself.

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