How much does it cost to start a life coaching business? – Life Coaching Challenges

Well, I don’t know. Probably about $20/month? Yes, you’ll find some very good coaching at just about any reasonable price.

So, how much is the coaching business?

About $5,000-$10,000. And then a lot of work. I spend anywhere from 15 hours/week writing business cards. $25 for an intro video. $400 for a book. $300 for the audio-CDs. I’m talking about hours/week here. So it’s definitely a lot of work.

Then, if all else fails, you’re probably pretty broke. I don’t have any “savings” I can spend on this stuff.

You mentioned some of your books had sales of up to 10,000 (which would be pretty rare) in the past couple of years. I’ve noticed some of these people don’t seem to like this idea as much as others. What is your reaction to that?

Most of my books are very, very profitable already. I think I’d have a hard time selling more than a few thousand copies of any one book. That’s because I tend to make books too long and I take too long before I get to them. I don’t want to be stuck with the next few hundred pages of a book. And if the book is profitable, then there is no good reason to not keep on writing. As far as my self-published books go, I am making between $25 and $35 every month.

I don’t know exactly where the average is between my self-published books, but I would guess $10 – $25 a day, or about $1,000 per month. That seems reasonable. As to how much that cost you now. I don’t keep any statistics on that. I don’t know how many people are reading my books. Because many of them have not purchased any copies of the books I have written for them. So it doesn’t even come to me. But if the average is ten units sold from books written by me – I would estimate about $4-$10 per book sold (assuming, of course, that some of it goes up).
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Would you recommend writing for the self-published crowd? Do you have any plans to write more?

Actually I am working on a long-form book. A few years ago I made a video course where I teach many of the same strategies and lessons in the process.


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