How much does a life coach session cost? – How To Start A Coaching Program

The Life Coach Services for sale in our store are in-house developed, individual coaching session.

A Life Coach session can cost $99.00 per session, including the following:

Gym time for the life coach

T-Shirt design,

Personalized greeting card,

Personalized address book,

Personalized call card,

Personalized post cards and more!

For more information regarding a Life Coach session contact our sales team at 770-821-3427 between 10:30am and 4pm MT Monday through Friday.

Is the Life Coach Services for sale in the same place as online shopping?

Yes! Visit our online store to search for the “Online Fitness Shop” and purchase the services in your area!

Can I get a custom name plate for a session?

We believe that any personalized name plate is more appropriate for sessions than a custom print, printouts, etc…

We appreciate the custom plate designs you propose but please understand that you cannot use our plates in your website as a website for our products.

How do I purchase a custom plate?

For the most up-to-date information about pricing or specialty plates, please visit our online store where you will find a listing of our current specialty plates.

Do you offer life coach consultations on-site at a Life Coach?

We offer complimentary consultations, which are scheduled around the same time you book your session. Our pricing for on-site consultations varies based on the length and number of sessions you have and when they will overlap with your scheduled session.

Will you be offering discounts on my sessions?

We encourage you to try out our sessions and be a part of our ongoing improvement programs so that you might continue to enjoy them for later in your life!

How much does it cost to have a session with me?

Once the session begins, you will be billed based on the duration of the session. You will be billed for your in-person session with us on or around the second week of purchase for any additional sessions or additional time in between to make it up.

Are you open to new services to improve my health and fitness?
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We believe the best method by which you can improve your fitness is through in-person and/or home-based exercise practices. We use the science of biochemistry and science-based fitness techniques as our teaching method.


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