How long does it take to be a certified life coach? – How To Start A Life Coach Business

We’ve got you covered with three easy courses on how to become a licensed life coach or certified life coach within six months:

I want to be a life coach, but I’m not sure what kind of classes I should take. What should I do?

If you’re a first-timer at life coaching and simply want some guidance, find a trainer you can trust. If you want to be a certified life coach, there are plenty of programs specifically geared toward life coaches out there, but it’s all about finding a person who is going to fit your life style. The best part about becoming a certified life coach? You have complete flexibility to decide which courses and programs to take.

Life coaches also have additional programs available and if you are considering applying for certification, read up on the differences between certifed life coaches and standard life coaches to determine which one best fits your goals.

There was a lot of interest among people who are interested in the work that Kari Brandt has done. But it was the “L.A. Times” piece by Bill Whitaker that really opened a lot of peoples’ eyes to what she’s been up to over the years.
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The story is based on a conversation that Brandt had with Whitaker in 2006. It was then that she said something to him that blew his mind…

Kari Brandt: Oh, boy, I’m in. I mean, I am. Oh boy, I’m very impressed. This guy is so good. He’s been around the block four or five times. He doesn’t use a script. He doesn’t get paid. It’s no different than me. It’s a fun, interesting job, a fun, interesting profession. It’s just so different because I’m really doing it for the love of what I’m doing, the love of what I’m doing and all the good feelings, not so much money.

This story makes it sound like her work is all about the money. But really, for many of us, a lot of the work can feel like you’re giving something back, even just to keep a job in this industry.

I think the biggest thing that gets lost is, when I take a paycheck, I’m really just giving back an opportunity to work on a project I love. I never get to do that anymore. It still feels very good, though.

And what is this project you do? You’ve said this might be your last

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