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How to Become a Life Coach

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A man on life support after having a lung transplant has been released from a London hospital.

Sebastian, 21, was told there was a chance he could live without the lung.

He was being closely monitored in the intensive care unit after he was released on Friday.

Two other lung donors have been given a second life after being given a blood transfusion.

Their stories

A total of nine people from the UK and the US have received transplants from Mr Sebastian.

The patients have previously had heart and lung transplant operations, in which the patient can be given blood.

Six individuals who were on the transplant list have already died since the operation and doctors say they would have died without the new organs.

But Sebastian had been living without his right lung because of the risks involved as he had no scar tissue when he had had a chest reconstruction two years ago.

His mother Linda said he had been told he had a “small

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