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This year, in addition to having a full season under her belt, she’ll be making a whopping $6.2 million. A quick search indicates that only $5M has been released from her settlement of $6 million, which will go into a trust fund for her and her family.

2) Dr. Robert Watkins. $3.3M/year

The doctor who treated the Ebola patients in West Africa earned $3.3 million, according to a Wall Street Journal piece in July – his annual salary is in excess of $600,000. The article explains:

He lives in the exclusive Palm Beach area, where he owns several private homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and employs many staff on his private practice. The family has about 250 employees, according to a recent financial disclosure. The couple has four children, a dozen grandchildren and a dozen great grandchildren. The medical office is a state-of-the-art facility that has seen more than 20,000 patients.

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3) Jim McDermott. $2.8M/year

The NBA Hall of Famer has reportedly earned between $2.8 M & $3.8 M in annual salary on the floor for the past 6 years as a “team ambassador.” In addition to that, this year he’ll receive a whopping 1.5 million dollars. He’ll also receive $50,000 to cover the cost of an honorary membership. McDermott’s former partner of 10 years, Phil Jackson, is also a basketball legend and former Hall of Fame player. Jackson signed a 3 year, $15.5 million 5-year deal with McDermott in 2011.

4) Jay Triano. $2M/year

The Sacramento Kings player made $2,7 Million last year, plus a rumored $300K in personal income for coaching. Triano is a 6-time All-Star & member of the 2004 NBA All-Star team. Triano is also the only active NBA player that holds the NBA’s leading scorer title and is one of the most decorated players in Kings history. The Sacramento Kings play in the Western Conference and have been the league’s most successful team.

5) Bob Hill. $1.9M/year

A four time All-Star, Bob Hill was in the NBA Hall of Fame for 12 years before retiring. He’s also a former NBA referee & has been an NBA broadcaster for 12 years. He has a net worth of $

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